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History of Peachland

What is it that has been drawing people here since the late 1800's?  If you stand still for a moment, breathe deeply and scan the horizon, you might begin to understand why Peachland is coveted by its residents, envied by its neighbours and is an historic place where adventurers, prospectors and business people came in the 1800's.

Long before fur traders and gold seekers came to the area, the Okanagan First Nations knew the area was rich with wildlife.  They also knew of Ogopogo, the lake monster, whose home is in an underwater cave across the lake, between Rattlesnake Island and Squally Point.

Peachland has been home to sawmills, a hydro-electric project on Trepanier Creek, and is home to many kilometers of unobstructed pebble beaches.  It is the gateway to Glenn Lake, Headwaters Lakes, Silver Lake and Peachland Lake.  Peachland is nestled on the shore of Okanagan Lake and is respectfully tucked into the mountainsides above it. Peachland is a place of natural beauty, charm and over a hundred years of history.

Peachland was established in 1889 and incorporated January 1, 1909. 

Packing House - circa 1800's


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